Product Improvement: PayTM Gold

A case study on how can we improve ‘PayTM Gold’-An online platform for digital gold purchase. Currently, the Users are not aware of the market prices. Digital gold being a new entry in the Indian market, PayTM Gold lacks proper engagement and suffers from poor reviews in Play/App Store.

Problem Statement
User Persona
User Journey
Improvement 1-Social Proof with Reviews
Feature 1- Display the gold market prices
Feature 2-Savings Calculator Tool
Key Metrics
The End :)

The learning on the basis of the feedback are-

  1. Understand the problem-Use 5 Whys to understand the crux of the problem which involves both major stakeholders-Product and User
  2. Do appropriate research-As there was lack of problem understanding from my side, the research was also diverted in such case. Proper research could’ve helped in better understanding of the problem

Thanks for reading so far!