A case study on how can we improve ‘PayTM Gold’-An online platform for digital gold purchase. Currently, the Users are not aware of the market prices. Digital gold being a new entry in the Indian market, PayTM Gold lacks proper engagement and suffers from poor reviews in Play/App Store.


With the advent of Covid, the banking industry has realized that digitization and intangible/contactless business processes are a must and Open Banking is an important initiative towards it.

Open Banking

What does it mean?

Open banking is the practice of sharing financial information electronically, securely, and only under conditions that customers approve of. Open banking efforts are a big deal for banks, regulators, and third party providers and consumers will eventually have more options for managing their money, borrowing, and making payments.

For more info- (https://www.thebalance.com/what-is-open-banking-and-how-will-it-affect-you-4173727)

Here we are going to understand one of the common and widely anticipated open…

A case study on how can we improve ‘Nearbuy’-A hyper-local eCommerce company based out of India. As a business, it allows customers to discover, buy and save on merchants nearest to them.

The main agenda behind this case study was to recommend new features which can be included in Nearbuy app to increase customer engagement on a regular basis.

  1. First and foremost, let’s have a look at the addressable market

How continuous evolution is reshaping the relationship between industries and brands

The term ‘Digital’ is defined as a technology enabled combination of resources which ranges from tools, instruments, bots, teams, networks, protocols, processes and methodologies) which enables and helps with the availability of content/data for the customer to make the different processes more productive.

Digital tools and platforms combined with data analytics are equipping brands to be more direct while engaging with customers, improving the experience of review and purchase and gaining valuable data at every point during the customer purchase journey. The emergence of data analytics has led to major disruptions to the business model of various organizations.

Some of…

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